Sunday, October 14, 2012

[Everything doTERRA] Re: flu shot??

I am new to all this but our group just had a cold and flu workshop we were given a similiar Flu Shot in Bottle there was couple of additions Thyme and Basil same amounts of Oregano. 
It was also done as Flu Shot in a Glass:  In a shot glass of water, add 1 drop each Oregano, On Guard, Thyme, Wild Orange and Frankincense with water. Toss it back.
Good Luck

On Sunday, October 14, 2012 10:43:31 AM UTC-4, Heather from AK wrote:
Flu Shot in a Bottle
In a 1/6 oz roller bottle
10 d Oregano
15 d OnGuard
20 d Lemon
Fill bottle with FCO
Note: due to Oregino should be used for 5-7 days the break  as Oregino does it's job and the liver will need to be given a break.

We use on the bottom on the feet on the whole house when 1 seems like they are getting sick.  Those who are fighting it also on the sternum (over the thymus), on the lympnodes under the ears and on the back of the head.  We will also diffuse OnGuard 1 per day in the house during flu season.

Sorry this took so long to post but I had to look up the recipe from my files- I don't have it memorized as the roller bottle lasts a good while and I'm a relitlvly busy person and generally answer Q's on the fly.  But squeaky wheel and all that ;).

My youngest calls anything in the 1/6th oz bottles "tickle oils" as they don't work as generasly as the 1/3 oz bottles and you need to scribble on the oil.

PB Assist is beautiful for anything tummy related - at least a 5 day course.  Never let an ill person eat sugary foods or someone with a compromised immune system.  Emergency can  be helpful too, deffinatly start the LLV & children on the Vitimins to give their boddies the nutrients to fight and stabilize. :D

Heather in WA

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